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"The Sexiest Man Alive"

"By Heart"

"What A Drag"

"I Don't Need You"

"Acting 101"

"Magic Time"

"The Best Revenge"

"I Will Never Leave You"




The musical adaptation of the Frances Hodgson Burnett novel, "A Little Princess."

Wilder collaborated with David Zippel (lyrics) and Cheri and Bill Steinkellner (book). First run was at the Goodspeed in Connecticut and debuted a fully realized production at the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle August 17, 2003.

The recordings are excerpts from the score recorded in Matthew's studio and on the road with members of the cast. For you discophiles out there, "I Will Never Leave You" features Tom Wopat and Jenny Fellner and "What A Drag" features the incomparable Sarah Boggess (Ariel "A Little Mermaid" and Christine "Phantom"), Lindsey Mendez (Elphaba "Wicked") and Anne Letscher (Eponine "Les Miserables").





Princesses 2014/15

The creative team recently returned from a workshop of "Princesses" at The University of Texas, Austin. New libretto, two new songs (stay tuned, new demos to be posted soon). Seen here are left to right are David Zippel, Billy Steinkellner, Matthew Wilder, Cheri Steinkellner and co-administrator/choreographer Natasha Davison.

The creative team, David Zippel, Billy Steinkellner, Matthew Wilder and Cheri Steinkellner recently returned from a two week workshop of "Princesses" at The University of Texas, Austin. Seen here with co-administrator, Natasha Davison, the team rewrote the libretto and composed two new songs for the score. Stay tuned, new demos will be posted shortly. 


Austin cast performs Act 1 for the University's Musical Camp

Musial Director Lyn Koenning, Billy Steinkellner and Wilder

"Princesses" class of 2014/15 in rehearsal.

Rehearsal Main Stage at Univeristy of Austin Texas

Zippel, Wilder and Steinkellner

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